Confidentiality and Respect

  • What happens here stays here 
  • Ask permission to share

Active Listening

  • Listen with compassion and practice non-judgment
  • Stay present in each moment instead of planning ahead what you are going to say

Encourage Brave Space

  • Support each other in digging deeper and allowing ourselves to get messy
  • Vulnerability is encouraged
  • Practice being brave in this space so we can be more skillful and courageous outside this space

Take Space, Give Space

  • Self check-ins around taking up space and giving space for others

Choice to Participate

  • Participation is always your choice
  • We strive to create an environment where you can realistically participate according to where you are at in each moment

Mindful Engagement

  • Both/And concepts: avoid rigid, binary ways of thinking (ie: right/wrong)
  • Try to speak in first person… from your personal experience