we are

Wake Up is a community of white people working together to confront white supremacy from the inside out.

We recognize collectively that white people have work to do when it comes to understanding the systems of oppression that have been constructed for our benefit and the layers of structural racism and inequality that those systems perpetuate. 
First and foremost, WakeUp is about bringing people together to have the difficult conversations about the realities of our whiteness and to dismantle the internalized constructs of racism and white supremacy. 
  • We build relationships and support each other in integrating the principles of anti-racism into our daily lives. 
  • We reach out to our individual communities in order to bring the difficult conversations and actions where they are most needed. 
  • We promote opportunities for individual and collective direct action. 
  • We actively reach out to build meaningful connections with people in the fight.
  • We provide a venue for sharing art and information. 
  • We emphasize the importance of collective liberation and healing, and connect our work where appropriate to other communities, groups, and organizations working in this space. 
Most importantly, we commit ourselves to facing the unrelenting realities of racism and white supremacy, to standing in solidarity with people of color, to not turning away.

Wake Up meets twice a month.

Our meetings are facilitated on a volunteer basis by members of the group. We engage in group discussions, dyads, and collective exercises for grounding, healing, and community building. We follow these Group Agreements.

We invite you to join us in our fight to dismantle white supremacy, starting with each one of us.
In addition to the regular meetings, Wake Up also hosts on ongoing series art and education events, including film screenings and reading groups.

From time to time, Wake Up will partner with other like-minded groups/individuals, promoting and attending workshops, trainings, and other collective actions

Wake Up is open to everyone and the content is particularly geared toward white-identified folx looking for ways to engage in the ongoing practice of dismantling white supremacy. 

Meeting times Mondays from 7-9 pm on Zoom. Contact us for details.